Thursday 11 February 2010

Why are ute drivers so impatient?

Another day, another potential collision with a ute driven by an idiot. I know that I like to have a go at taxi drivers from time to time, but I swear, ute drivers are 10 times worse. I read the other day that tradesmen are showing up much more often in the crash and speeding statistics than their percentage of the population would normally suggest. Something to do with them driving long distances to and from jobs, and speeding and falling asleep at the wheel. I can believe it. The bastards never, ever stop for me at roundabouts or traffic lights. They seem to think that just because Australia is in love with shows like Renovation Rescue, that ever other bastard on the road should give way to them.

Anyway, here I am doing a bit of overtaking. We're in a 50km/h zone, which means that there is not a huge difference in the speed between someone on a bike and a car travelling at the speed limit. On some stretches of this bit of road, I travel at the speed limit - 50km/h.

So I wait for the car coming up behind us to pass, then I look over the shoulder and see that the next car coming up is way back at the bend - a good hundred metres or more away. I know that at the speed we are travelling, I have plenty of time to pass and get back in.

Or so I should have. I get past in a few seconds, and next thing you know, I've got a horn-honking ute up my arse. He must have been travelling in order to get on my clacker that quickly.

I just wish some of these pricks would have a suck on an acetylene bottle and then go out for a smoke.

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Anonymous said...

I arrived at this post by typing "why are ute drivers such nobs" into Google - so I guess that confirms you're not alone. I'm going to hide behind my anonymity and suggest that age, level of intelligence(*) and overpowered vehicles are the potent cocktail here.

(*) ok, maybe there are some potential high-flyers who were lured away from university courses by the joys of plumbing, electrical et al, but my guess is that those guys aren't the drivers we're talking about.