Wednesday 17 February 2010

Thought for the day

Not long ago, the Mad Monk (Tony Abbott) made some statements regarding how he would advise his daughters in regard to losing their virginity.

Every Mick-bashing goose in the country immediately jumped all over Abbott with comments like "get your rosaries off my ovaries".

Journalists sought comments from feminists far and wide, plus their fellow travellers.

As far as I know, none bothered to ask a single Muslim what their thoughts were on the matter.

I'd love to know what Sheikh "cat meat" would have to say about his daughters rooting any bloke they choose before getting married. Probably something along the lines of "honour killing" I'd guess.

For all the fuss and bother about "social conservatism", Abbott really isn't that conservative compared to some groups that the leftie luvvies have imported in recent years. Isn't it funny that the lefties, who are all for sexual liberation, have helped to import the most misogynist immigrants you can imagine.

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adilla said...

Same in pakistani culture, just dont pay any attention to it :-)

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