Monday 1 February 2010

Feral van driver

Geez, it was a lovely morning this morning. The sun was shining, the wind was not blowing, and even the taxi drivers were sane and staying in their lanes.... and then I came across this crane obstructing the road. The crane was not the problem. The lollypop man was not the problem. I was not the problem. I didn't mind the holdup at all, as the repressed engineer in me likes watching big tall things lifting stuff into the sky.

No, the problem was the dickhead driver of the van who didn't want to obey the lollypop man at the other end of the single lane, and stop. He was driving at me so furiously, the lollypop guy had to stick his lollypop in front of the van's windscreen in order to get him to stop.

Frankly, I thought the van was not going to stop, and I was looking for an exit as he approached. But you should have heard the van driver go bezerk at the lollypop guy after he pulled up. I didn't catch exactly what he was saying, but I got the volume (very loud) and the tone (exceptionally furious). The tone and noise was all about "How dare you think that I was not going to stop", when both me and the lollypop guy were certain he was about to tear the wrong way into a one way traffic flow.

I should have stopped and gone back and told him that I was with the lollypop guy, and that if he wanted to be a racing driver, he should do some try outs at the track. Dickhead.

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