Saturday 20 February 2010

Friday photos

This is what you get when you try to photograph a rower whilst in motion. A tree, with a rower behind the tree. Some might say that you should stop when you want to take a photo, but what's the point of that? You might end up with a very interesting photo of a tree. Or maybe not.

I did slow down enough to eventually photograph the rower. What a lovely morning it was for a quiet scull around the Bay.

One thing our intersections lack is enough poles in the right places to lean against.

This chap had the most amazing muscle definition in his legs. Unfortunately, his legs were rotating so quickly, the photo has come out with a slight blur. His lumpy bits just don't show up clearly enough.

What better way to while away your time at a red light than reading the newspaper. Unfortunately, dopey here was so entranced by the paper, he failed to notice the light going green.

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