Thursday 18 February 2010

Thursday photos

I discovered something new today which should have been completely bloody obvious - that trailing behind hubbards can do wonders for you when attacking the ANZAC bridge. I tagged along behind these two for a kilometre or so - it's not that they were slow, more that they were taking it easy as they chatted about "scanning the audit logs" and other Dilbert subjects.

I was happy to stay behind them as my legs were shot after racing home last night. However, the lack of activity soon got to me, and I overtook them on the approaches to the bridge. I then gave it the welly, and before I could say "attack", I was blasting up the slope at 25% above my normal speed. I was cooking with gas. For a moment, I actually felt like a speedy cyclist, leaving everyone trailing in my wake.

The only bloke I couldn't overtake was this fellow - and he was lugging a kid with him. He was very fit and very fast. Very envious, was I.

Then there was the trip home. I occasionally sit behind someone who makes an utter meal of the uphill climb onto the ANZAC bridge. They get out of the saddle, puffing and pushing and really not getting anywhere fast. It's nice to reach a level of strength and fitness where you can overtake these chaps whilst sitting down and not really pushing the edge of the envelope.

I'm not sure what this was - perhaps an ad being shot? There was a young kid holding a folio of some sort, and a woman was bellowing at him, "Stand up straight like your mother told you to!" I was a long way past before I though to turn around and grab a snap. Poor little tyke.

A trail of bikes on the way home, heading for the Pyrmont Bridge. I tried to photograph the line of bikes as we came around the curve, so that you could see them stretching off into the distance. Didn't seem to work.

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