Monday 1 February 2010

Monday photos

More on my series on newbies. This is not a newbie - the faded state of his gloves gave that away. They were bleached half white from the continual application of sweat and sun. It's the little things that give the old sweats away. The state of your handlebar tape can also provide a clue - unless you are the obsessive type that rewraps your handlebars as soon as they start looking a little shabby.

Bloody hell, it was busy this morning. I was in the middle of this pack going over the Pyrmont Bridge. Most were just tonking along at a sedate, pedestrian friendly pace, but two tools decided things were moving too slowly for them, and they blasted down the outside in an attempt to shave 4 or 5 seconds off their ride into work.

No pedestrians were killed in the taking of these photos.

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