Friday 26 February 2010

Thursday photos

I was rather taken by the boots and "back pack" this lady was wearing. Very interesting, and out of the ordinary. Not sure what you'd carry on a commute in a back pack like that.

This is not a deliberately artistic shot - this is me pressing the shutter button at the wrong moment. But it worked out well.

Diesel spill in town - that's a fire truck and police car at the top of the rise on the left, and there was a cop in front of me stopping traffic. The brown smear down the street is dirt that has been piled onto the diesel to soak it up. This is the second spill I've seen in a few months - drivers overfill their tank, and at the first sign of a hill and a bit of acceleration, out it comes. The pedestrians who had walked through the spill had left oily shoe prints on the paths in all directions. I'm pretty careful about that, as diesel on granite footpaths is deadly slippery. Great way to twist a knee and end up in surgery.

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