Sunday 21 February 2010

Ambulance chasing

Normally, I get quite irate when I see a vehicle parked in the bike lane. And then there are times when I have to make exceptions. I was following this cyclist, and could see that they were making ready to move out of the bike lane and into the car lane, meaning there was something parked up ahead. The cyclist was pretty switched on - they had noticed it a long way ahead, and were making plans well before we got to the obstruction (unlike the idiot truck driver that almost hit Abbott during the week).

My annoyance evaporated when I found that the parked vehicle was an ambulance - although it was sitting there without any flashing lights. Not even the hazard lights were blinking. I can understand not having the siren wailing, but if you are going to obstruct traffic, at least flick on the hazards.

About 5 seconds after going around the ambulance, this twit in the little silver car hooned around both of us like there was no tomorrow. You'd think that seeing an ambulance would cause you to slow down and think. Nope. The way that idiot drove, you may well be looking at their next customer.

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