Wednesday 3 February 2010

Riding in the rain

I don't give a bugger about the rain when I'm coming home - especially if I've gotten wet on the ride into work. However, I have this thing about getting on my bike in the morning when it's raining. I like start in the dry. I don't care if it starts raining at the end of my driveway - so long as I have pulled the bike out and mounted up in the dry. It's a weird psychological thing.

The rain came in today at just the right time - when I was on the edge of the CBD. That meant I was warm (and looking forward to a refreshing cooling off), and it wasn't that far to work, meaning I wouldn't actually have to ride in the rain for that long. 10 minutes max.

As I waited at a red light, the bloke next to me made a comment that at least we weren't in suits. There were about 10 of us in a pack, idly watching the suits scurrying across the road under their umbrellas in a torrential downpour. The suits looked at us in a pitying way - we were stuck in the middle lane, just having to cop it - but when you've got the good gear on and it's 24 degrees, who gives a bugger? Much worse to be under a leaky umbrella that is being blown this way and that, and treading in a puddle and having to squelch around with a wet sock for the rest of the day.

Anyway, here is a brief view of rain falling in buckets. Look for the rooster tail coming off the rear wheel of the bloke in front as I cross his path. Yes, not very interesting really.... but what the hell.

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