Thursday 18 February 2010

Afternoon idiot

There's nothing quite like a BMW driver in a hurry to spoil your whole day. Here I am, departing the Bay Run and heading up a "spoke" road that has a bike lane painted down the side. The council, in their infinite wisdom, have painted the bike lane a bit too wide - the result is that cars going towards Five Dock are always cutting into the bike lane. On some days, they cut in enough to send a shiver down your spine.

Thankfully, I'm pretty attuned to this sort of thing, so when I saw two cars coming towards me near the middle of the road, and heard a bellowing exhaust note coming up behind me, I figured something unpleasant was about to happen, so I started drifting towards the kerb to give the fuckface behind me some room. He/she could have taken the safe option and simply slowed down and waited, but they decided to take the fuckface option and overtake when it wasn't safe to do so. It's not like their vehicle lacked the power to accelerate away quickly after waiting a second or two behind me.

The numberplate seems to start with "NEW", presumably denoting a newly acquired BMW. If they keep driving it this way, it's going to end up inserted into the rear of a bus, or wrapped around a power pole. It's mindless jerks like this that can make life on the roads so thoroughly unpleasant at times.

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