Saturday 20 February 2010

Water, water everywhere

I decided to take the long and winding road home on Friday, even though my legs were absolutely killing me. For the first time in ages, I was getting cramps during the ride. I think this was due to a fire drill during the week - although walking down 25 flights of stairs is not strenuous, if you aren't used to it and you're riding 10 times a week, the combination can be nasty.

I was going this way and that, zigging and zagging when I saw a police car where I would not expect to normally see one. So I followed it, and found this - a burst water main. There were lots of plumbing trucks parked in the street to the left - whether they were responsible for causing this mess or cleaning it up, I will never know.

This video is about a minute long - it's just me riding up and down the street with the water rushing past. It was deep enough near the burst for me to get wet feet when I rode through the torrent. Good thing it was Friday, and my shoes have all weekend to dry out.

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