Saturday 6 February 2010

I agree


Wand said...

Love it - we could do with a similar poster for IT'S.

Wand said...

I found one but the language isn't as good as you're.

Ubique of Perth said...

It's used as a possessive pronoun is everywhere - government publications, newspapers, cereal packets, bus tickets. It's as a possessive even appears in bronze lettering on the HMAS Sydney memorial in Geraldton.

It's a direct result of two generations of the people who finished in the bottom third of their school becoming teachers.

For goodness sake, it's not that bloody hard:

Look at the dog: it's wagging its tail.

It's is an abbreviation for it is. Its is the singular neuter posessive pronoun.

Anonymous said...

Ah ubique as in yo're a knob?
Phil maguire of bundarrah

Boy on a bike said...

No, it's "you're a knob".