Wednesday 3 February 2010

Dogs and their idiot owners

I like dogs. Well, most dogs. But there are times when I really hate their idiot owners. Like a pair of them walking their dogs on the bike path and blocking it completely, when there is a perfectly good (and empty) pedestrian path right next to them. Yes, run from my wrath, you gumbies.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they just don't give a shit about you and your stupid bike

Boy on a bike said...

You know what? I think you have hit the nail on the head. Yes, they don't give a shit. If the stupid bastards get collected by a cyclist zipping along at 40km/h and end up in hospital, I doubt I will give a shit either. I will give a shit if their dogs get hit by a bike, and need to be put down. That would be very unfair on the blameless dogs.

bigtones said...

We are fortunate to have a great dog who it seems mostly from it's previous owners, and reinforced by us, prefers to walk on the left of who every is leading him. Whines and wimpers like crazy when getting close to another dog and sor t of want to meet them (except if they are some little yap-yap muppet (disdain I think is the word here). We certainly dont condone those who walk with their dog on a loose lead, or running free as on occasions we have seen cyclist have to throw out all the anchors to avoid a hommono-canine mess.