Wednesday 3 February 2010

Wednesday photos

Great number plate. No idea what the significance is.

A very relaxed bloke (in thongs) chatting on his phone as we cross the Pyrmont Bridge.

A regular sight as I cross Victoria Rd. The P-plater in the black Barina indicated by the yellow arrow has attempted to turn right at the lights from the middle lane - a no-no in peak hour traffic. The furious honking of horns from the cars piled up behind that car was something to hear; like the bellowing of wildebeast.

Another sign of an old sweat - a saddle with holes worn in it from extended use, and a frame that is beyond cleaning.

I had always thought that the RTA cleaned the path over the ANZAC Bridge with some sort of motorised street sweeper. I went in late earlier this week, and found 3 blokes doing it the old fashioned way with brooms and a bin. In typical RTA fashion, this bloke was leaning on this broom having a gas bag.

Perfect accessory for today - a waterproof sachel. It absolutely pissed down this morning just as I reached the CBD. That meant having to change into wet clothes for the ride home, as we don't have any drying facilities in the office. Yuk.

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