Tuesday 16 February 2010

"CAZ P" - knob spanner of the day

I'd like to say a big hello to CAZ P, the driver of a Mercedes ML something-or-other. Caz, or Catherine, was obviously driving one or more of her offspring to school, and was in a hurry.

That is the only reason why Caz would have tailgated me aggressively, and then tried to pass me at a red light by going into the right turn only lane. Idiot.

The irony is that once we parted company, with Caz taking the short way and me the long way, we met again 5 minutes later. Caz was stuck in a traffic jam leading onto the City West Link, whilst I went zipping past on the bike path.

All that aggression and stupidity was for nothing. Since you can afford a nice car, Caz, I suggest you spend some money on a fucking driving course and learn how to drive properly. You parboiled knob with cheese on top. Or buy your son a bicycle and tell him to ride to school. Then you could see how you feel about your precious mixing it up with fucking morons like yourself.

Note to self - get up much earlier from now on and ride to work before the mums on the school run hit the roads. Commuting was so restful - up until the day school holidays ended. It's like someone twisted the aggro dial from 3 up to 11.


Unknown said...

Had my own knob jockey about a week ago.

I'm cruising down a street, nearly home, sitting on about 35kph in a 50 zone, so, doing 70% of the speed limit and this wanker in an ancient Lancer (worth quite a bit less than my bike I might add...)hatch flew past me and immediately slammed on the brakes, to turn into his driveway. F%$k me if I wasn't pissed off. Nearly gave him a piece of my mind.


Anonymous said...

We seem to have to deal with this more and more often. There are too many ignorant toss pots on the road nowadays who seem to just be out to piss people off. I seem to have to deal with them everyday. The worst are people who have no idea what right of way means. I wish I could get a banger car and wipe all these terribly useless drivers off the road.