Tuesday 16 February 2010


I was so intrigued by the plate on this Pulsar that I swung the camera around to try and capture it. BLOO5T. Bloost? Is he trying to say "boost", but without the "L"? Are we to imagine that this thing is supercharged?

P platers. Sheesh.


Warren said...

The simple explanation could be
that it is a Blue 1999 model Nissan
Pulsar ST.

I couldn't find a picture of an ST
but did find one of a 1999 LX hatch
and it looks the same from the rear.

Warren said...

Maybe there is another explanation.

According to carsales.com.au
there was no ST model for this
body shape. But it does show a
in the same colour blue. The
picture is from the same angle as

(The PULSAR N16 ST hatch has a
different body shape.)

Then again carsales.com.au could
be wrong.

Warren said...

I now believe that it could be
just a case of it being the plate
given to him/her when re-registering.

In Merrylands yesterday (Thu 25 Feb)
I saw a Toyota (Tarago?) with
number plate BLO-06T.

Warren said...

Today (Friday 26 Feb) at around
4:45pm I saw a Kia Rio with number
plate BLO-06Y parked in Guildford
Road, Guildford.

This is about 3km away from my
sighting of BLO-06T. (Corner of
Louis Street and Woodville Road,

This seems to suggest that BLO-05T
has no particular significance.

It was probably just given out as
part of the current run of plates.

Boy on a bike said...

I saw two good plates this week:

PLUCKA - on a chicken delivery truck

CLOOGA - on a Kluger.