Tuesday 16 February 2010

Tuesday photos

Actually, these are Monday and Tuesday photos. I was too stuffed to blog last night.

This bloke appears to be lugging his dry cleaning around with him. I imagine that would flap around pretty badly at speed.

The footwear on this bloke caught my eye - he seemed to be wearing something akin to bathroom slippers.

All I can say about this bloke is, "Sorry, I didn't mean to run into you - I wasn't expecting you to stop on the bend on the pedestrian bridge." He was a foot-dropper; that is, as he went around the horribly tight bend on the Victoria Rd bridge (supposedly one of the worst cycling black spots in Sydney), he dropped his foot for balance and stopped. I was right on his tail, and went into him - not fast, but enough to cause a nice traffic jam of pedestrians and cyclists. I think I might have bent my rear derailleur in the process, as low gear no longer works.

Julia Gillard would have something to say to this young lady. She had a tattoo on every appendage. The nice blond lady next to me was so taken by it all, she was pointing the tatts out to the bloke on the other side of me and mouthing silent words at him. Her right arm was a mass of ink.

I spent the entire light change trying to read the verse on the back of her leg. Sorry, I wasn't close enough to make any of it out, and the photo was no help either. Although she was on a single speed BMX type bike, she took off like a bat out of hell.

1 comment:

Warren said...

I like a challenge.

After enlarging and enhancing
and then googling the words I
could make out I found the verse
that you seek.

Is this the life that you lead,
Or the life that's lead for you?
Will you take the road that's been
laid out before you?

from the song 'Paper Wings' by band 'Rise Against'

Also, the words on her arm are

When i got the music i got a place to go
from the song 'Radio' by band 'Rancid'

Both songs are on youtube
and you can also get the full lyrics online.

I guess they could both be
described as Heavy Metal.