Thursday 25 February 2010

Wednesday photos

Damned camera. There were bikes everywhere, but this shot doesn't do them justice.

Trust a council to put up a completely useless sign. I have gone past this sign for nearly 5 years now, and only noticed it last week - the council erected it parallel to the path (so that it faces some shrubbery along a motorway) rather than perpendicular - so that people might actually be able to read it.

Our council is little better - they put up a sign, then put up another one directly in front of it to obscure the first sign.


1735099 said...

The cyclist sign was probably put up by one council admin unit - the dog owners sign by another.
Surely you don't expect them to communicate?

kae said...

Gee, up here I'm sure you have to carry the plastic bag around with you when you take your dog for a walk, whether it's empty or not...