Friday 26 February 2010

Friday photos

For once, I dragged myself out of bed before the sun came up and hit the road not long after. It was beautiful - no breeze, 18 degrees and hardly a car on the road.

On Golden Pond. If the water was dead flat, like a mirror, this would have been even more spectacular.

When I got to the rowing sheds, I noticed that some of the rowers were warming up out on the pontoon on stationary bikes. Two of them were even smarter - they cycled to the sheds, getting their warm up on the way, rather than sitting half-dazed in a car for the journey.

The way home - a whole line of Police cars were parked under the ANZAC bridge, along with an ambulance "special operations" vehicle. I saw that vehicle on the way to work, towing a trailer with an ambulance motorbike on it. When I think of special operations, I think of commandos doing a HALO jump from 30,000 feet and spending the evening slitting throats and blowing things up. I guess the ambulance service has a different view of these things.

And that was it. Bloody camera battery went flat.

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