Tuesday 16 February 2010

ASW055 has trouble with Give Way signs

I sometimes take a short cut through the back streets of Lilyfield. That means ducking and weaving through the alley ways. I've done this a few dozen times, and today was the first time I encountered a car.

It was obviously the first time this bloke in ASW 055 had ever seen another vehicle, as he blew straight through the Give Way sign on my right. As I approached the corner, I saw him coming, and immediately thought, "He's not stopping. He's not even slowing down". So I slowed almost to a stop, having no desire to end up as a hood ornament. When mass is in contention, cars always win.

I don't know if this idiot saw me or not, but he took off as quick as he could. Lucky for him that no one decided to exit their garage as he went tearing down the lane.


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