Thursday 4 February 2010

I am being attacked by muppets

Why is it that you can write a few thousand blog posts in your dusty little corner of the interweb and gather fewer comments than a fat chick at a school dance; then you pen something that a certain group finds objectionable and suddenly the comments roll in. OK, dribble in. I am not even unpopular enough to be flamed by a horde of muppets. Sigh.

It is fascinating though to be the object of abuse for a bunch of "tough guys". Like a few readers of this blog, I have stood at attention in the sun and wind and rain and had my personality (and all it's defects) inspected and loudly shredded by experts for hours on end.

Strangely enough, this got me thinking of 1735099. He pops up on sites that I peruse on a regular basis, and when he does so, he sometimes takes a pounding. Some might think, "Why would you come back after having to put up with crap like that?" And my answer would be, "What crap? He's put up with much tougher crap (like being shot at by both sides) than you or I will ever have to put up with."

A bit of on-line sparring is a laugh-a-minute compared to quietly trawling through the jungle for weeks on end looking for well armed gentlemen who want to kill you.

Which is why I find the tough guys with their tough number plates so interesting. I like a lot of hot cars. Just because I ride a bike, it doesn't make me some car-hating green freak. No, what I hate are idiots. I hate idiot pedestrians. I hate idiot drivers. I hate idiot dog owners. I hate idiot taxi drivers. I hate idiot bus drivers. I hate idiot surfers. I even hate idiot cyclists. And to me, having a number plate that says WE4PON spells "idiot". Just like "IM2SXY" or "HOTGUY". If you can't see that the owners of these are tools with a capital "T", I suggest you get back on the bus with all the other window lickers.


Anonymous said...

There are two cars near to where I live -


XHALE on an almost "fluorescent-pink" sporty looking car, certainly not breath-taking.

ORN57R is on a fairly ordinary looking car. Oh, I forgot to mention, there is a P-plate stuck at the left hand side.

1735099 said...

Thanks for the plug. I share your lack of appreciation of wanky number plates. As for "why comment?" - I just love a verbal stoush. I can't think of anything more boring than having everyone agree with me all the time, although much of what I post is simply to get a reaction. There are some blogs where it works every time.
As I kid I liked poking ants/wasps/nests with a stick, much to my mother's despair...
Still feel compelled to do so. It also keeps the aging brain nimble.

Boy on a bike said...

"XHALE" is kind of cool, especially if it has a supercharger poking through the bonnet. I've spotted a very well restored, bright yellow 1970s Ford around here with a plate that says something like KRUSIN. It is a very cruisy car. It sounds magnificent - a properly blown, blueprinted large block V8. I wonder if I can trade the kids for it?

Anonymous said...

Just to add to my comment above, I forgot this one just down from where I usually see XHALE.

GR33KS - they must be proud of their heritage.

All three ( GR33KS, XHALE and (P)ORN57R ) within 300 metres on the same street.

And another I have seen in the same suburb is OZ0101 (OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE OI OI OI perhaps ).