Tuesday 9 February 2010

Tuesday photos

Is it Tuesday already? Where is Friday? I need a day off already.

Weather was much better today, and all the fair-weather cyclist hordes came out again after hiding indoors from a bit of rain on Monday. Harden the fuck up, people.

Spent a bit of time chasing this bloke. From the angle of his arms, you can see he was working pretty hard. Either that, or his bike geometry is seriously messed up.

He passed lots of people, with me trailing in his wake. He was in a hurry to get somewhere. Zipping along behind him with one hand steering the bike and the other waving a camera around was not that easy.

Woops, had to duck back in to avoid a head on collision.

Note the head down position - a sign of being nicely puffed after a short, sharp climb.

That bloke took off and left me behind after we departed the bridge, so I sat behind this fellow for a few blocks. I was rather taken with his Brooks saddle - I think this is the first real one that I have seen.

The chaos that is a traffic light change at Sussex st when things are busy. Bikes going in all directions, all jostling for position and ducking and weaving through the pedestrians.

Not all car drivers are bike-hating loons. Next time you are in your car, keep an eye out for how many have a bike rack on the rear or on the roof. After spotting this car, I started keeping count, and saw three in just a few blocks. It's worth remembering that an awful lot of motorists are cyclists, and that almost all adult cyclists are motorists.

Here endeth the day.

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Ubique of Perth said...

You can tell motorists who are cyclists - they're the ones who give you a bit of space and a wave.