Thursday 4 February 2010

Thursday photos

A quiet day on the photo front. Almost. Here's a chap who is a cross between a cyclist and a para-sailer. He's wearing a yellow reflective vest over a normal shirt, and he's obviously got it partly open at the front and collecting air because from the back, it's billowing out like a drogue chute. I tried one of these vests early in my cycling career, and quickly switched to a proper lycra jersey. It might look like a mu-mu on me, but at least it doesn't billow out like a table cloth draped over the backside of an elephant with gas.

The other thing about this chap is that he had a horrible skid lid on his noggin. Most of my fellow travellers are into helmets that have more holes in them than the ships of the Spanish Armada, or the latest IPCC report. This one looks more like my ski helmet - a perfect receptacle for keeping heat in, rather than letting it out. This bloke is well on his way to a baked head.

Backus Packus Extremis. At first, I thought he was lugging around a set of golf clubs. My next thought was that it was a cricket bag. In the end, I had a good look from side on and couldn't decide what the bag was for. Cornering with this on would be a real bitch.

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