Saturday 20 February 2010

Aftermath of a crash

It wasn't until I was past this spot that I realised something had gone wrong - the bloke getting out of the car at the corner with a notepad in his hand was clearly about to exchange details with the cyclist. The cyclist was in pain, and as I looked back, I could see that his front wheel was quite bent up.

I was pretty sure that having a 3rd person standing at a bottleneck would do little good, especially as the cyclist was standing up and breathing, so I kept on going. Gawd knows what happened - the cyclist might have tried to cross on the red, only to find that cars coming from the left had a green arrow, resulting in splat. I don't know - this is all speculation.

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Anon said...

Ouch, that could have been pretty bad. I hope the guy was OK; although on the same note I do hope he sought medical attention if it was any serious crash. Last year I broke my back just crashing on my own. I had no idea, was walking around and breathing, and only went to hospital reluctantly (hey, I had things to do!). A car could easily do a lot of damage, if that's what it was.