Monday 8 February 2010

Monday photos

Here is the untouched, unvarnished view from this morning. I haven't greyed out the colour or anything like that. It was so grey and drizzly and miserable, I thought I was in Scotland. Except that the water out there is about 2 feet deep (so no Loch Ness Monster), and we rarely see men in skirts with no undies running around the area. Although Mardi Gras is approaching.

Here is the same spot mid afternoon. Hard to believe it was the same day.

A contrail crossing one of the support wires for the ANZAC Bridge.

More from a wet, wet morning. It didn't bucket down - more like a constant, light drizzle that wasn't even sufficient to plaster down the hairs on my forearm. But it was enough to totally fog my glasses, and cause me to discard them after a kilometre or so and ride half blind. It was 22-24 degrees; beautiful riding weather really.

The bloke on the left doesn't have a rear mudguard, so he had a beautiful wet streak up his bum and back from the spray off his back wheel. A good day to be wearing lycra, since it doesn't bunch or chafe when wet.

A bloke with booties on his feet to keep them dry. I bought a new set last year, then packed them away at the end of winter and completely forgot about them! Would have been perfect today.

The morning rain diverted most cyclists and pedestrians onto the buses I presume - this walkway is normally packed with both, and is a rat run from hell. This afternoon, there was me and one other bloke on it.

And according to the weather bureau, we have more of the same to look forward to.

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Richard_H said...

I get nervous about wet brakes in conditions like this. Nothing like squeezing the levers to avoid a car and nothing happening!!

Disk brakes on roadies would be a nice thing I've decided.

My 2c. worth....