Saturday 13 February 2010

"Dresden" Garrett

I suggest we start calling him "Dresden", because he is going to be responsible for burning down more homes than Bomber Harris.


Anonymous said...

Dresden? Really? Burning down more houses than Bomber Harris? You think thats a proper analogy? Lets see how many WW2 horrors we can trivialize with modern day problems. I suppose Belsen was a gas.

Boy on a bike said...

In my defence, at least I didn't call him a Nazi.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That would have gotten you instantly dismissed under Godwin's Law, so a good move.

Boy on a bike said...

Actually, I am now thinking that calling him "Dresden" is way wrong.

The bombing of Dresden required the creation of a highly trained bomber force with the latest technical innovations of the day. The smartest boffins worked on created the gee-whizz stuff that allowed the bombers to reach the target. The bomb loads were carefully calculated to inflict maximum damage, as was the timing of the waves of bombers.

In short, it was a professional operation, overseen by professionals, assisted by the smartest minds of the day and carried out by dedicated and highly trained men.

In short, the exact opposite of the insulation program.

Since we are on a WWII theme, I'll change it to "Benito Garrett". At least they both sported chrome domes. And we might be about to discover that the Dept of the Environment has policies with six reverse gears.

Anonymous said...

....and the Germans weren't exactly slackers-their night fighters,search lights and AAA radars put a fair dint in the bomber streams. Your average Aussie, "Free stuff, yeah! Gimme, gimme, gimme! A stranger on the phone sounds like a great person to trust to do the right thing" Our grandparents would be ashamed of todays slackness. Didn't Benito, at least, get the trains running on time? Have a great day