Saturday 6 February 2010

Cosy green scheme - where does it lead?

From the SMH today:

THE federal Environment Department has been accused of bungling the popular green assessment and zero-interest loan program and giving favourable treatment to one company.

Concerns were raised after the department established a computer link to streamline approvals for one company to assess homes, while other firms struggled with an overloaded phone system that receives 23,000 calls a day.

A spokesman for the Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, said the NSW company Fieldforce was given a computer link to relieve pressure on the phone system as it is the largest company operating under the program.

Did they really get the computer link for that reason? Or was it because Tim Flannery is shilling for Fieldforce?

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Ade said...

Lord Christopher Monckton, Margaret Thatcher's chief Policy advisor on the Global Warming scam calls for the Arrest of Gore and Brown et al for

Fraud and attempted mass murder

Maybe this is why things are getting worse.

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