Thursday 11 February 2010

Malicious, useless or stupid?

This clip is from a few days ago, when I took a detour and had a look around Abbotsford. There I was, ambling along in the bike lane (not much of a lane really - more of a collection of busted up tarmac and pot holes bounded by a white line) when I see a bus coming towards me. I can also hear a car coming up behind me.

Well, bugger me if the driver of the car decides to pass me (they had a tonne of room) and then has a bad case of the chicken guts when they see the bus coming and they go left hand down into my tiny bit of mangled and battered tar.

For crying out loud, if you require 9 feet of separation between yourself and oncoming traffic, it really is time for you to give driving away and to start taking public transport. This is Sydney. If you haven't lost a wing mirror to a bus or a taxi, then you really aren't trying hard enough.

I had a small thought afterwards that maybe the driver was being malicious and was trying to run me off the road or scare me, but as their actions were not accompanied by the usual horn honking and arm waving and incoherent swearing, I think they were more useless than nasty.

Still, it's small consolation if you get knocked over anyway. Whether the driver was being incompetent or idiotic, hitting the concrete is still going to hurt in the same way.

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Brian said...

Most likely some tree hugging commy pinko card carrying brother or sister union member.