Friday, 25 April 2008

Yob snobs

I have come to understand why yobs (such as wogs with bling) are such arrogant arseholes.

It's because they are snobs.

Yes, that's right. The idiot with the bad haircut and the loud stereo in the Nissan Silvia next to you at the lights is an out and out snob.

He think he is so much better than you and me. Presumably because he drives a Silvia with an exhaust the size of a two litre Coke bottle.

That explains why these turkeys drive around with the window down, the seat cranked right back, cigarette in one hand and mobile in the other - they think they are vastly superior to you and me, and thus the only way we can be looked at is down ones nose.

These people have a problem with "respect" because they are snobs. Snobs expect to be respected. Take away the stupid baseball cap and the Nike shoes and jacket and put them in a suit with plus-fours and insert a monocle and the picture becomes oh so very clear.

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