Saturday, 19 April 2008

The stupidity of giving students laptops

As I was browsing today, I found this article on how a university is cracking down on students using laptops during lectures.

Here is the killer punchline:

“A great many conversations and classroom visits have generated the perception, and I think reality, that we have a growing problem in the form of the distractions presented by Internet surfing in the classroom,”

The university has cut off wireless access and disabled the wired network in the lecture theatres.

This doesn't bode well for Captain Bloodnut's plan to give all high school students a laptop. If uni students, who are older and more mature than high school students, can't be trusted not to fart around on their computers, then how will 15 year olds cope?

The little buggers will never pay attention to their teachers. Nice of the government to provide a billion dollar distraction to our kiddies.

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