Monday, 14 April 2008

Eeek. It's getting cold

By getting cold, I mean it is getting down to around 12-13 degrees Celsius in the mornings, which might be a beautiful sunny day in Canberra terms, but it's bloody freezing as far as my thin blood is concerned.

Hence my desire to wear leggings on my morning rides. Some may call them leg warmers, but to me, that sounds much too much like Flashdance. They are simply two tubes of Lycra lined with a bit of warm stuff. You pull them up the leg and tuck them under the shorts so that they stay in place - at least that's what I do. I've never seen anyone wearing them with suspenders, so I just have to assume that I've got it right. For all I know, more knowledgeable riders are going past, zipping around a corner and bursting out laughing at my at ire.

The important thing is that they keep my kneecaps and quads from icing up, which is a good thing. So I don't go out without them if I can help it.

I was supposed to be in the saddle before dawn this morning, but I couldn't find the bloody leg warmers. I searched high and low, and could only rustle up one of them. I figured I would have to wait until daylight to be able to search the place without waking everyone else up.

About 1 minute after dawn, a thought struck me. My backpack has two internal pockets. The first place I had looked was the backpack (since that is where they should be), but I had not checked both internal buckets.

And there it was - in the second pocket. I had to keep my cursing down to a minimum, also to ensure that I didn't wake everyone else up. But as soon as I was a few blocks away, I'm sure I woke a few people up.

Not happy Jan.

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