Monday, 14 April 2008


I keep on meaning to add more blogs to my bogroll, but can't be shagged. Too bloody difficult. Stupid bloody process involves farting around with templates, and although I have been fiddling with HTML since before Sausage Software introduced an editor, I dread the thought of messing with anything that involves code these days. Especially when bogger does not seem to have a button marked "backup" and another marked "restore".

You'll just have to take my word for it that I read other blogs.

Sausage does take me back though... back to the days before Frontpage and Cold Fusion and all those other tricky thingys that I never got around to learning about. The first web sites that I did, which were the corporate internet and intranet web sites for the company that I worked for, were all initially done by writing code using notepad. Talk about primitive. That's like telling someone with a $15,000 BBQ that you cook your meals by rubbing two sticks together in the backyard until something called "fire" develops.

This was back in the day when a corporation of 10,000+ employees could get by on an internet link of 64k. And boy, did management take some convincing that an ISDN line and router were required.

But back to the blogs. It's funny that all the ones that I like are the angry type - blogging really does shit all over newspaper opinion columns, and it does so for the simple reason that bloggers can really get it off their chests.

Don't believe me? Try the Devil's Kitchen - one of my favourites. Just don't let the kiddies near it.

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