Sunday, 20 April 2008

Art spaces II

I am not a fan of graffiti. I'd be happy for vandals to be strung up by their thumbs for a week or two in a public place, such as a mall, with passersby being encouraged to spraypaint their genitals with napalm.

That said, about 0.00001% of it can be vaguely entertaining or insightful. I took this photo in a railway underpass near Leichhardt - it's a poem (about a tree?)

Some fuckface has of course come along and spraypainted over the top of it.

Then again, I am not too fond of this poem, so maybe the stinking little vandal has a point. If the vandal and the "artist" are ever caught, perhaps the vandal could be punished by being locked in a cell for a month with the artist, who would have to read poetry to him.

A month of modern poetry would quickly put me in the looney bin. I pity the poor bastard.

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