Saturday, 5 April 2008

Who left the lights on?

Got no idea what position Nova took on Earth Hour, but I hope it wasn't a hypocritical one. Here is an outside view of their building at 6.30am - note that a lot of the lights are burning, but there is no one at work (I checked as I rode down the ramp - maybe the staff are hiding under their desks?)

PS - it was quite dark at the time; the camera just makes it look like daylight.


Anonymous said...

Seeing as this is a 24/7 station, someone is always at work. Being 6.30, quite a number of people have been working since 3 am on the breakfast program.

Can you please explain how you can see into each of the offices including the top floor as you ride down the ramp? Or did you stop and spend some time watching who came in and out of each office or walked past each window.

When you leave your office/kitchen/bathroom/meeting room do you turn the light off every time? Does each of your co-workers?

Boy on a bike said...

It might have made more sense if I had stopped and taken a photo from the top of the ramp, where it is possible to see into all floors. But by the time the thought occured to me to take a photo, I was almost at the bottom of the ramp, and I couldn't be arsed to turn around and ride back up to the top.

It did strike me that there should have been people around, given the 24 hour nature of radio these days - and that is a prime reason why I took the photo. Where the hell are they? I have no problems with people having the lights on if they are doing the dawn shift, and if they didn't go all gooey over Earth Hour, then they could have lit the building up with floodlights for all I care.

I would however poke them with a sharp stick if:

1 - they gave Earth Hour a huge plug, and

2 - left all the lights on.

It's not the lights I care about - it's the hypocrisy.