Friday, 25 April 2008

Alternative definition of doing a burn out

I took a wrong turn as I was going through Homebush today and ended up riding into this carpark. Actually, I didn't ride into the carpark at all. I saw this cooked car, then saw a bunch of yobs in hoodies hanging around looking like trouble, so I grabbed a photo and did a U turn.

Numerous questions come to mind when I see something like this.

Is this a stolen car that's been burnt after a robbery or a joyride?

Do the cops know about it? Have they been out to have a look?

Do the council know about it? Are they waiting for Police clearance before picking it up? Or are they blissfully unaware, and this car will sit there until it is naught but a collapsed pile of rust?

Other people are clearly using the carpark - have any of them tried to do something about it, or have they ignored it, thinking it is someone elses problem?

Personally, I'd like to see a lot more bogan cars going up in flames - but I just wish the council would take them away as quickly as possible. They're eyesores when they're running, and they're eyesores when they've been burnt out.

At least this thing won't be cruising around our suburb tonight going doof-doof-doof. There is something to be said for the odd bit of firebombing.

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