Saturday, 19 April 2008

Tilt them heads!

I did an online survey tonight that asked my opinion of about 1000 TV "celebrities". Given the limited amount of idiot tube that I watch, I didn't recognise at least 50% of them. Of those that I did recognise, I discovered that I didn't like most of them.

Quite a few suffered from tilty-head syndrome.

I know this one works for the ABC, where I guess having a compassionate head tilt is de-riguer.

I have no idea who this woman is, but if her head tilts any further, it's going to fall off.

Got no idea who this one is either, but it appears her entire body is tilting to the left.

On the left, we have a major head tilt, and on the right, his head appears to be tilting forward. (Note to balding guys - do not get photographed from above. It just makes you look short and bald.)

Given the level of head tilt displayed here, I presume this lot got invited to the 20/20 summit. Personally, I would rather lick dog vomit off a wino's bum than watch the summit, let alone attend it.

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