Friday, 25 April 2008

Unions do not own our infrastructure

I've spotted a few Energy Australia trucks recently that had stickers on them opposing the privatisation of the NSW power industry. That ticked me off.

Then I spotted this today - but signs put up by the ETU outside the front of an Eneserve depot (I think Eneserve are the infrastructure division of Energy Australia).

What gripes me is that these twits are unable to tell the difference between their own private possessions (their house, their car, their frontyard) and publicly owned stuff, like work vehicles and work buildings.

You pricks do not own those Energy Australia vehicles. They are not yours. They should not be used to display your political opinions. Feel free to stick a sign up on your front door, or a sticker on your car - but not on your bloody work vehicle. And certainly not at the front gate of your workplace. It's not yours - got it?

Now, if the message has sunk in, get off your fat lazy arse and go and clean up crap like this. Go and do your god-damned job.

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