Thursday, 17 April 2008


What is an appropriate length for an eyebrow?

I've always thought that if they don't lie flat (ie, pokey-outey eyebrows), then they should be trimmed or plucked back into shape.

Even on men.

I ask this question because the other day, I was waiting to cross the road when I had a look at the bloke next to me.

You know how you occasionally see photos of some Indian dude with the longest moustache in the world, or the hairiest ears?

Well, this bloke was a sure fire candidate for a world record for eyebrow length. One of his eyebrow hairs started on one side of his eye and continued past the far side. It was enormous. So enormous, I did a double take and stared a bit longer than is polite just to make sure. It was not an errant hair that had fallen from his head and lodged above his eyes. This thing was growing out of his head.

It was beyond the plucking stage. He was seriously into the lawnmowing stage.

If I had reached over and yanked it out and then run away to show my friends, do you think I could have been charged with assault, or theft? Perhaps trafficking in inhuman body parts would have been more appropriate.

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