Friday, 11 April 2008

Diddly squat

My legs are rooted.

Just totally rooted.

How rooted?

Well, they are only capable of supporting my body when I am standing straight up. When I bend them, as in when I go to sit down, they collapse underneath me with an alarming lack of warning. I went to sit on the bogger today and almost ended up crashing through the seat, because they just failed utterly and down I went in a big hurry.

There are two possible things to blame. One is my chase earlier this week of the red topped bastard, but I don't think that is the culprit. I have chased many fast riders before, and never suffered like this.

No, I think the blame can be sheeted home to work. I am currently doing this job that involves a lot of squatting (no, I am not training to be a Sumo wrestler), and I reckon I did at least 100 squats one day. And not just little drop the bum a bit squats, but squats that take you all the way down to floor level. At my age, that's just not on. When I started doing it, the knees protested (shrieked is probably a better word), but they soon got over it. Or I stopped having any feeling below my waist. Now it's my quads and hamstrings that have gone.

Those of you that drive to work, or take the bus or train or ferry are probably worried about things like traffic, getting a seat, roadworks and whether to stop for petrol on the way to work or the way home. Me, I have to worry about whether my quads are about to detach from my femur, because that's what it feels like somedays. I have to take it really easy from time to time because my leg muscles feel particularly fragile, and I know that if I jam it along a bit too hard, I'll be lying on the side of the road with a torn muscle. Something not to be contemplated.

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