Saturday, 26 April 2008


Did a bit of work this week that involved spending some time with a very large, very agro and very smelly old bugger. He turned up at the office in thongs, a torn and very grubby blue singlet (which contained a Russ Hinze style beer gut) and a pair of equally filthy and baggy jeans. He wheezed the athsmatic wheeze of a chronic smoker, and had the look about him of wanting to be propping up the bar rather than doing some work for me.

Trust me - I didn't hire him. I just had to deal with him for an hour.

How big was his gut?

Well, he had to do some paperwork, and he was too big to sit at a desk. He had to do it on top of a filing cabinet, and he could only do that by leaning towards the cabinet at about a 30 degree angle. He was rather large.

I also found that I couldn't walk behind him - he stank too much. Stale cigarettes and no shower for 3 days will do that for you. I started off walking behind him, but thankfully he couldn't wheeze along at more than a slow crawl, so I was able to scoot around him and get into the fresh air up ahead.

Cripes, the things I have to put up with. They never mentioned this at the AGSM at the "managing people for high performance" course.

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