Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Oot and aboot

Talk about a cool, crisp start to the day. It was a perky 7 degrees when I took this photo around 7am. Funny how water looks black when its cold. I wonder why that is? The Bay was looking more like Loch Ness this morning due to the lack of global warming in the offing.

Here is captain sensible - leg warmers, arm warmers, shoe covers... all rugged up like me. The last thing I want to get on the way to work is hypothermia.

Not what you'd normally expect to find in a bike lane. This is not a granny on a motorised wheelchair - this is a lawn mower. Typical council worker - can't even tell the difference between grass and hot mix.

With clear skies, the fair-weather cyclists have returned. You can't see it in this photo, but apart from this fellow in front of me, there are four other cyclists within 50 metres or so. When it rains, one has the road all to oneself. As soon as the sun makes an appearance, all the "Ooooo, it's wet crowd" come back again.

Within 10 seconds of taking this photo, another collapsible bike went past in the opposite direction. I haven't seen many of these around over the last few years, but it seems they are starting to make an appearance. This guy was making reasonable progress - they might look a bit like a toy, but they still move along alright. I'm not sure how stable they are though.

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