Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Too damn hot or too bloody cold

We're in that horrible in-between time with the weather where it's not cold enough to really rug up, but not warm enough to walk around in shorts and thongs.

I find it annoying because when riding, I have a choice between wearing a thin, ultrabreathable shirt that is marvelous for wicking away sweat and keeping me cool (but leaves me open to freezing when the temperature drops), or pulling on a lovely shower-proof jacket that is wonderfully toasty and warm when the thermometer is around 10, but cooks my nipples when it's not.

I lack a suitable "in between" set of clothing. Being a manly sort of man, I could of course ride off in the morning in just a short sleeved shirt and say "bugger the cold", but down that road lies chest infections and all sorts of nasty results. So I put on the nice, warm toasty thing, and arrive at work a sweaty mess - even though I pass people walking around in scarves and mittens.

I just wish it would hurry up and get properly cold. This farting around with Autumn is killing me.

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