Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Anzac memorial

I dropped off my normal route today to take a close look at the statue of the New Zealand soldier on the Anzac Bridge. Putting the statue there is a great idea, but if you want to have a look at it or lay a wreath, I suggest you do it by bike. The very thoughtful authorities have made sure that there is no parking for about a kilometre in any direction. This is the road that leads to the statue, and it is "no parking" all the way there on both sides. It's a great place to ride, but an awful place for stopping. The arrows are pointing to the two monuments.

If you do want to have a look, follow the signs to "Liquidity" (a very fancy restaurant in the boat harbour) and then keep on going until you go under the bridge and then reach a gate where it says "stop". From there, it's a walking path to the statue.

Getting a shot of both statues without standing in the middle of the road was impossible, thanks to these palms trees. I don't know if the trees are somehow significant to NZ, or whether trees are more important these days than monuments.

And here he is.

We will remember them.

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