Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Fire in a Pitt St store

Had to take the bus tonight - I came down with some horrible nasty thing around lunchtime and was in no state to stand up, let alone push the pedals. Catching the bus was almost as bad. As the crow flies, the Sydney Town Hall is about 7km from our place. The most direct route by car is about 10km.

Why then does it take a bus an hour to do that in non-peak hour traffic? An average speed of 10km/h. And you wonder why I ride....

On my way down to the bus stop, I passed this commotion. Three fire engines outside a convenience store on Pitt St, part of the road taped off with "do not cross" tape, some water on the ground and a few firies coming out of the shop wearing breating apparatus. Plus dozens of gawkers.

I was feeling too crook to hang around and watch the proceedings, so I have no idea what happened. Note the firie up the ladder in the shop. Got no idea what he is doing, but there also seems to be a group of them clustered around a fridge up the back. Maybe a short of some sort? Or a tub of exploding yoghurt that went past the use-by date?

Whatever. This was my excitement for the afternoon.

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