Saturday, 5 April 2008


Right, here we have to icecream options from the freezer. On the right, weighing in at 939gms, we have some Streets vanilla icecream (2 litres thereof). Cost - about $4.19.

On the left, we have some Maggie Beer Vanilla Bean and Elderflower icecream. Got no idea what it weighed before I opened it and ate it, but that small tub cost about twice as much as the big one.

The verdict?

I am a sucker for real vanilla icecream - the kind of stuff that has little bits of vanilla bean clearly visible in it, so in most circumstances, I'd say max out the credit card and blow your dosh on Maggie's stuff.

But in this case, the elderflower is just not to my taste. Pity. It was good to try something completely out of the ordinary, but it's too whacky for my taste. I'm sticking to the bland, factory mush from Streets. Until I find a really good, simple, vanilla bean icecream. Then Streets can stick this 2 litre tub up their arse.

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