Sunday, 6 April 2008

Enjoy these while you can

Vertical sprinklers, or fountains as some people like to call them, have been a feature of civilisation for, I don't know how long - 3000 or 4000 years perhaps? Whereas they used to be driven by gravity, now they rely on electric pumps to get that water up and dancing.

Electric pumps. Electricity. Very bad for the penguins, or the polar bears, or the plankton - whatever.

The lentil eating, hair shirt wearing, sandal shod, anti-civilisation, self-flagelating brigade will have these things shut down if they get their chance. To their mean little eyes, sending a bit of CO2 up the power station chimney to produce a bit of pleasure and relaxation is a terrible thing to do - a sin of the worst sort. A crime against Gaia.

Well, fuck them and the unicycle they rode in on. These modern puritans can go shove it.

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