Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Another cooked car

Do we have a lot of French people in town at the moment? It seems everywhere I go, I find cars that have been torched. Spotted this one on the way home tonight.

The thing that gets me is that this car has been here long enough for it to start collecting both rust and rubbish (people have been throwing chip wrappers etc into what was the back seat). It's next to a park, which attracts an awful lot of people every day. Given that this spot is just off the Bay Run, I guess that thousands of people would walk past it every day.

Either no one has reported it, or the council is completely rooted. What is it with people that they look at something like this and go, "Somebody else's problem?" What on earth are the neighbours across the road thinking? Imagine opening your bedroom curtains in the morning and seeing this pile of crap in the middle of your view. I'd be onto the council like Kevin Rudd onto a stripper.

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