Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Local govt does not pay very well

The excellent Burning Our Money blog recently covered the enormous salaries paid to local government managers in the UK.

I don't think the same is happening in our patch.....although I'm reliably informed that some years ago, the Perth Town Clerk was the highest paid public servant in the entire country. I have nothing to back that up though.

Intrigued, I had a look at the financial statements for our council. For 297 full time equivalent staff, wages and salaries came to $13.8m, or an average of $46,000 each. I don't think you can say that our local council staff are killing the pig at that rate. The mayor gets an "allowance" of $30,000 a year and the councillors divide up $125,000 between them in allowances and expenses. The gravy train is not rolling through this suburb.

Pity. Might have been nice to hop aboard.

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