Thursday, 17 April 2008

Oh for crying out loud!

The council recently resurfaced a bit of road that I cycle along regularly, and before they ripped up the tarmac and replaced it, they had to clear the road of parked cars.

There is one car along there that hasn't moved in about a year - the rego on this thing ran out in February, and someone from the council turned up not long afterwards and stuck a "we're towing this away" sticker on it.

I figured that the car would have been towed away a few weeks ago, but the 30 day warning limit came and went, and the car didn't move.

Typical council planning and lack of internal communications. The resurfacing of this road would have been planned months ago, so it's not like it was a surprise to anyone at council when the trucks full of black goo started turning up one morning.

Given that council rangers are responsible for towing things like this pike of crap, and they work for the same council that is responsible for the road works, you'd think they could put two and two together and tow the car away before the roadworks began.

Er, no. They couldn't.

You might notice that the rear quarter window is broken - I presume one of the roadworkers smashed the window to get into the car to let off the handbrake etc, and they just pushed it across the road into the bowling club carpark.

Now the bowling club has a problem. Lucky them.

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