Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Sunrises, fires and other things

These photos are all from Monday morning. I've been too busy or crook since to post anything.

Sunrise behind the city, as viewed from the Five Dock Bowling Club car park. Things sure is black out there.

Time lapse photo of my bike. More confirmation that it is black at 0640hrs.

About 10 minutes later - looking at the city over the waters of The Bay. Notice the tilt - I had to use a stake to hold the camera for a time lapse shot, and as is to be expected in a Labor dominated area, everything tilts to the Left.

A wierd shot of the UNSW Rowing Club, or is it a sailing club? It's too dark to tell. That blob towards the right is a roof of a building anyway. If you open this photo up in full size, a row of red dots appears in the distance. That's the Iron Cove Bridge.

View of cars travelling around the Citywest Link.

That smudge of black smoke is the start of a fire at a furniture shop down at Botany. By the time I got to work, 25 fire engines were working on it, and the plume of smoke was enormous.

This is about 2 minutes later - shot from the middle of the Anzac Bridge.

This is what the underside of the Anzac bridge looks like. I took this photo because the water was a really wierd colour at this time of the morning.

People are always sticking things of lamp posts around town, and the Council employs people to go around and clean all the crap off the posts. Here is one of the post crap cleaners in action. A job for life.

It's not terribly clear, but the smoke from that fire is visible at the end of the street in this shot. It was creepy seeing that smoke on Monday morning - my first thought was that a plane had gone in at the airport. Not a nice feeling.

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